Located in Southern Mexico in the state of Oaxaca lies one of the most consistent wave zones in the entire world, picking up the same powerful southern swells that slam Puerto Escondido. With numerous point breaks and countless nooks and crannies, your wave selection is vast.  Although there are great waves throughout the region, most surfers come to experience the flawless point breaks of Salina Cruz. Each point is its own animal, but all have one thing in common, they get epic. Standout spots tend to barrel more critical, while other waves offer highly rippable walls to perfect your cutty . There's other waves too. Ohhh... you thought it was all point breaks? Nah...barreling beach breaks and ideal jetty setups are peppered throughout the region to spice things up. There's really something for everybody... pack your bags.


Just when you thought you traveled all that way to surf long point breaks you find yourself in empty barreling peaks with your mates. Yep... there's other surf and it's mental! Miles of offshore beach breaks, rippable jetty setups, and a handful of heavy sand banks are all close to home. Sometimes when the wind is wrong at the points, the beach breaks may be on fire with clean conditions all day. All these other spots tend to pick up a little more swell too, so it a nice option if the waves get smaller.